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Meet our Founder
Founder, Ali specializes in unique system architecture and automation solutions, Ali is a seasoned digital marketer, automation visionary, and ONTRAPORT Certified Consultant. He gained his experience from launching a Software as a Service company (SaaS) in real estate and acquired the necessary skills utilized by top digital marketers around the globe.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​His unique approach to system architecture and his logical mind enable him to build automation solutions from convoluted environments and make it all run seamlessly. Ali’s dedication and passion to help other entrepreneurs navigate their businesses in the digital world has yielded a proven record of success.
We started in order to help other business owners get back the keys that secure their freedom and peace of mind.
We know you worked hard to create an accomplished business, but all businesses have room for improvement. Think about your overall business health. Is your business generating profit as intended? Is your business vital and forefront in your market? Do you ever wonder, “Can I do more to maximize my business?”
Now, let’s move on to another area: work-life balance. Are you able to expand and grow your business, while also maintaining a social life? Are you achieving your entrepreneurial dreams, but struggling to maintain fulfilling relationships with family and loved ones? If so, you may be asking yourself, “Didn’t I start my own business to secure my freedom in the first place?”
If you find yourself pondering these questions, we are here to provide answers. Our mission is to connect you with cutting edge technology and techniques that will empower you to secure your freedom while seamlessly maximizing your business.
Our Prefered Software System
After working with other top tier automation software simultaneously in the services we offer we decided to go exclusive with Ontraport because of it's powerhouse of capabilities that saves you time and money. It brings all capabilities under one roof and completely transforms the journey and quality of services we are able to provide to you. With greater ease of access and with everything in one place it also allows for a lot of avenues for us to get unusually creative and different with our solutions while also providing extremely tailored results for your business specifically. 
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